Og på dansk, tak

Outstanding translation and copywriting

Let accuracy and creativity go hand in hand

A translation should always reproduce the message of the source text. Sometimes accuracy is very important. In other cases a creative approach is needed to tease out the message. That is why it is vital for the translator to be able to think both logically and creatively. Being a journalist as well as a linguist I can do both.


You will nearly always be able to get in contact with me:

     +45 74 47 34 94
Postal address
     Jeanette Brammer, Almsted 22, DK-6440 Augustenborg, Denmark


What I offer

I translate from English, Swedish and Norwegian into Danish, and I edit, proofread and write copy in Danish.

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About me

Since 1999 I have been working as freelance translator and copywriter. Many of my assignments are articles for magazines, press releases and website texts.

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Special offer

I enjoy an excellent partnership arrangement with the freelance translator Pernille Chapman who is also very enthusiastic about getting every word right. We can offer a total price that includes both translation and proofreading.

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